In a world of fast-evolving markets, it is hard for companies to know what they need to remain competitive. Our market intelligence serves to help you make data-driven workforce decisions. Our extensive in-house team combines research talent for analytics and trend predictive services with a keen understanding of emerging economies and markets. Agora will show you exactly where you measure up against your market competition and provide actionable insights customised to your unique business needs. We present balanced information enabling you to arrive at the best solution in the most creative fashion.

Many recruitment services employ ‘market mapping’ as standard. Agora goes above and beyond by interpreting that 2D data into applicable market intelligence to provide deep expertise of industries, understanding of current functional trends, as well as geographical insight and cultural considerations. We specialise in exploring and appreciating the many cultural nuances of the Asia-Pacific marketplace—staying aligned and connected with the talent landscape that surrounds us.

The foundations for our market intelligence are built on a strong network; we do not wait for an assignment to stay connected to our clients and candidates. We are constantly in touch with the market because we value our network partnerships and support our candidate’s careers and motivations.