Agora understands that our Hospitality partners require solutions that are as individual as the businesses themselves. Just as our clients concentrate on providing a personalised experience to their consumers so too does Agora emulate the same engaging and tailored practices during each search process—for both candidates and clients.

Agora recognises that Hospitality is a landscape driven by many evolving factors; from sector growing competition and increasingly sophisticated consumer buying power and expectations, to the relatively unserved opportunities available in eCommerce and other advancing digital channels. As such, there is a growing demand for agile and innovative leadership that will drive change at an operational level and bring value to companies by furthering customer experience.

Our executive search process concentrates on providing leading competency-based assessment and personalised service combined with an advanced cloud-based talent management system to achieve consistently great results even in challenging timeframes.

Agora’s Asia specific-proficiency for talent profiling leads, time and again, to the securement of the most qualified professional for the cultural fit and situational sensitivity of the company. We have extensive experience in helping companies acquire experienced international talent at Director, VP and C-Suite level across multiple Hospitality disciplines in line with the clientele and leadership vision of our clients.

We have long-serving relationships with a broad range of hotels and resorts, casino gaming, cruise lines, restaurant and food service businesses due to our ability to provide invaluable market insight and intelligence.

Here at Agora, we excel at being a dynamic, resourceful and, above all, successful solution for executive search.


- Chief Commercial Officer, Greater China (China)
- Chief Operating Officer (Thailand)
- SVP Development, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
- VP Global Talent Acquisition, Development and Management (United Kingdom)
- VP Operations, India (India)
- VP Talent, Learning & Development (Thailand)
- VP Digital Marketing (Hong Kong)
- Senior Director Corporate Communications, Greater China (China)
- Senior Director Portfolio Management & Strategy, Greater China (China)
- Loyalty & Partnerships Director (Hong Kong)
- B2B Digital Marketing Director, Greater China (China)
- Director of Revenue, Asia Pacific (Singapore)
- Director Procurement, AMEA (Singapore)
- Director of Security, China (China)
- Director of Global Sales (China)
- Area Director of Sales & Marketing, ASEAN (Singapore)