Consumer Products


With the constant evolution of consumer purchasing behaviour, Agora strives to connect clients in the Consumer Products sector with quality leaders who can rise to the challenges of this complex environment. We believe delivering value in executive recruitment is not just about locating top-tier potential but identifying talent that is the best possible match to client requirements, based on a multitude of factors including leadership style, capability and cultural fit. Our practice leaders are fully immersed in the sector, keeping pace with industry trends and innovation in line with ever-increasing and shifting consumer demands.

Agora’s Consumer Products expertise spans across the broad spectrum of the industry acknowledging the omnichannel approach many businesses are adopting in response to the growth of consumer choice. Given the modernity of the digital age, specialisation in this area is limited; deep knowledge and intuition are scarce. As a result, we collaborate with clients and candidates who are navigating the ever-evolving consumer trends ahead of the digital consumption curve, expanding our expertise and network into the areas of Digital, eCommerce and CRM.

Our Consumer Products team specialise in the diverse Asian market landscape across FMCG and Lifestyle Products as well as Healthcare and Beauty; working with clients of all sizes from leading multinationals to small and medium enterprises in both developed and emerging markets. We combine sector-specific knowledge and market maturity with a sincere regard for the organisational and cultural nuances when profiling. We consider this depth of understanding is crucial to the long-term success of each placement.


- VP & General Manager, Greater China (China)
- VP & General Manager, India (India)
- VP & General Manager, SEA (Singapore)
- General Manager, SEA (Malaysia)
- General Manager, Myanmar (Thailand)
- General Manager, Indonesia (Indonesia)
- Senior Commercial Director, APAC (Singapore)
- Commercial Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan (Hong Kong)
- Sales Director, Philippines (The Philippines)
- Sales Director, SEA (Malaysia)
- Senior Marketing Director, APAC (Hong Kong)
- Brand Marketing Director, APAC (Singapore)
- Senior Category Marketing Director, APAC (Singapore)
- Category Marketing Director, APAC (Thailand)
- Global Product Development Director (Korea)
- Digital Marketing Director, Greater China (China)
- eCommerce Director, India (India)
- C&B Director, APAC (Singapore)
- HR Director, India (India)
- IT Director, Vietnam (Vietnam)
- Supply Chain Director, SEA (Singapore)